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How do I create a player account?

To create an account simply click the Register tab and register by completing the registration form and confirm your registration by clicking the link sent to your e-mail address. An alternative method is to log in via your existing Facebook account.

Can I create an account and use MySudoku.com for free?

Yes. The user does not incur any fees for creating a player account or using the website.

What are the benefits of having a player account?

Only registered players can participate in ranked games and compete against others by doing so.

How do I change the password to my player account?

You can change your password by clicking "change password" in the drop-down menu accessed by clicking login.



How to solve Sudoku?

The rules and basic guidelines of Sudoku have been described in the Sudoku rules section.

How do I start the game?

To start solving Sudoku, simply choose the difficulty level and click "Start the game" on MySudoku.com's main page. To start solving the samurai variant of Sudoku, click the "samurai sudoku" tab and select the level as described above.

What is samurai Sudoku?

Samurai Sudoku is a board which consists of five interconnected classic Sudoku boards.

How can I speed up the filling of the board?

You can use the keyboard arrows to move around the Sudoku board.

How do I check the solution for a given game of Sudoku?

To validate the solved board, simply click the "check the solution" button after filling in all the fields of the board.

Can I turn off the Facebook notification regarding solving a board?

Yes. There is the "settings" link at the top of the website.



What is ranked game?

Solving boards in the ranked game mode allows Sudoku players to compete in the players' rankings.

How are rankings of Sudoku players created?

Rankings are created based on the number of points scored by individual players. The higher this number, the higher the position in the ranking. When determining the monthly rankings, points scored in a given calendar month are taken into account, while the all-time ranking is created based on the points earned by individual Sudoku players since the creation of their accounts. The winner of the rankings is the player who scored the most points of all the players registered on MySudoku.com.

What is the scoring system?

Depending on the level of difficulty, 1 to 30 points are granted for each correctly solved classic Sudoku board. The time to solve a board is 60 minutes. In turn, each correctly solved samurai Sudoku board grants 5 to 150 points depending on the chosen difficulty level. Correctly solving the board shall mean completing it and sending (by clicking "Check the solution") the correct solution within 60 minutes of starting the game in the case of classic Sudoku or within 3 hours for samurai Sudoku. In case the correct solution is not sent within the specified time, the number of points corresponding to the given board will be deducted from the number of points accumulated on your account.

How can I check my position in the rankings?

Position in the rankings as well as game statistics can be checked by clicking the "Your profile" link in the drop-down menu accessed by clicking login (visible to registered players).

I sent the correct solution to a board yet my points balance did not increase.

Statistics in the ranking update every 15 minutes.

The beginnings of my Sudoku adventure were not easy. Can I reset the negative points balance?

Yes. You can do this by clicking "reset account" in the drop-down menu accessed by clicking login (visible to registered players).