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Classic sudoku

Classic sudoku grid consisting of 81 fields which need to be
filled with numbers from 1 to 9 by the rules.

Training game (not for points)

Difficulty: average

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Samurai sudoku

Version for more advanced sudoku players.
5 classic sudoku boards joined together.

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Difficulty level: average

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Ranked game (play for points)

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What is Sudoku?

Sudoku is a puzzle that involves typing numbers in the right places on the board based solely on simple logical reasoning, and the only rule of the game is the principle that each of these numbers can appear only once per row, column and a group of cells. The appearance of the board depends on the variant of the game. In the classic version of Sudoku, the board is a square covered with a 9 x 9 grid composed of smaller 3 x 3 boxes (groups of cells), and the game consists in filling the cells with numbers from 1 to 9. If you do not know how to play Sudoku, read the rules and guidelines which will help you quickly solve your first puzzles.

History of Sudoku

The origin of the name of this puzzle is the result of the popularity it gained in Japan, but its origin is quite different. The origins of the game go back as far as Euler's Latin squares from 1780, and the modern Sudoku board appeared for the first time in 1979 under the name of "Number Place" in the American magazine Dell Magazines. Shortly thereafter, the Japanese reprinted the game giving it the name of Sudoku. The Japanese name is written with the following symbols 数 独. The first symbol (i.e. kanji) is translated as number, and is pronounced: su. The second kanji means sole, single, and is pronounced: doku. Thus, the whole word means "single number", which captures the essence of the game.

How ranking is created?

Register your player account and have fun competing with other players in monthly rankings. Doing that may give you the opportunity to appear in the overall ranking! Rules are simple. For every solved Sudoku board you'll get from 1 to 150 points (it depends on the type and difficulty level of the chosen game).
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Did you know that...

The originator of Sudoku was Howard Garns, an architect from the USA. In 1979, he sent the puzzle he created to a magazine with mathematical riddles. is one of the largest websites dedicated to Sudoku. It contains more than 17 million boards of this game!

In 2008 a lawsuit against a drug cartel was dismissed after it was discovered that the jury members were solving Sudoku at the meetings. You can learn more about it in a Telegraph article.

The numbers in Sudoku are just symbols that can be replaced with colours, shapes or letters because it is a puzzle game. It does not require arithmetic calculations.